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How Dirty is your Carpet?

A carpet which is not cleaned regularly may cause health problems, even if it appears to be clean. This is because a lot of allergens can settle in the carpet without you realizing. For example, a person sheds about a million skin cells each day, which is then consumed by dust mites present in the carpet.

Dust mites are a very common cause of allergy. Vacuuming can stir up the dirt in your carpet rather than completely removing it, which will do nothing to get rid of the dust mites.

If you own pets, it is inevitable that your carpet will also accumulate their shed hairs, which again act as allergens. Human hairs tend to break and fall on the carpet too, particularly while brushing.

If you have kids in the house, spills and stains will be extremely common. You can wipe a stain with a wet piece of cloth, but that never gets rid of the stain entirely. 

Smoke particles, pollutants, and other debris can also settle in carpets and harm your health, even if you can’t see what is causing the damage.


Maintaining a Carpet’s Quality:

Professional carpet cleaners are well-qualified in their field and know exactly which products to use on different types of carpets.

They have industrial machines to do the task properly. The cleaning technician will also be able to clean your carpet without damaging its fibers, so your carpet looks good as new without losing any of its thickness. The fibers won’t be damaged in the process either.

Allergen Removal:

As we mentioned, allergens tend to accumulate in a carpet and are difficult to remove through vacuum cleaning alone. Professional carpet cleaners wash a carpet in such a way that dust, dust mites, pollutants, shed animal and human hair etc. are all completely removed, leaving behind a carpet which is restored to its original condition and looks as well as feels clean.

This is especially important if there is someone in your house who has breathing problems or is allergic to dust mites.

Quick Drying:

Another advantage is that carpets which have been cleaned professionally are also quickly dried by the technician with the help of special equipment, so you don’t have to wait for days before you can walk on your carpet again.


Prolonging Life:

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned also prolongs its life while retaining its quality. This means that you won’t have to buy a new carpet soon, as your old one will look as well as smell new.

If you regularly wash your carpet yourself instead of getting it professionally cleaned, you will damage its fibers, decrease its thickness and compromise on the carpet’s quality.